Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WX and other trouble

Hallo out there,

the plan was to go to KO07 and 17 today, but as we saw the wx-forecast we decided to stay in KO18 and not to go out into a wet meadow. Now it's raining here so the decision was right. We hope that we can go tomorrow to KO07/17 , if the time allows. If not we'll only stay in KO07-so stay tuned.
After coming back from KO08WG I forgot to change my personal text @ON4KST, but I transmitted CQ from KO18. To clear it up: All QSOs from the 13th of June 18Z to the 14th of June 10Z are from KO08WG, all other QSOs during the last days were from KO18AE.
I'm very sorry-xcus. But that was not the only trouble. Within a QSO I got a "blue screen" and had to restart, so sri for delay. This is such a day to take a few beer and go to sleep...
So 73s de Uwe

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