Sunday, 12 June 2016

Well it works!

Good evening,

I just switched off my 6m-station after a sucessfull day. Last evening and today in the morning we made some MS-QSOs on 6+4+2mtrs. If you're still in need of KO18, the 2m-station will be there until thursday at least. Today we could not reach the 2m-ES, but on 4 and 6mtrs it was nice to work such a lot of stations (nearly 500 together).
We hope to get such a nice opening also during our stay in KO08WG tomorrow, we'll be there in the afternoon and stay there till the next morning with 6+4 mtrs. If there's no ES  we'll be qrv JT6M, also as ES0UG. Hope to catch you, 73 de Uwe

Picture shows our little antenna farm in KO18AE, 2x SW-multibandantennas, 9-ele for 2mtrs, 4-ele for 6mtrs and  3-ele for 2mtrs.

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