Monday, 6 June 2016

Final schedule

09.06.-11.06. Trip DL/SP/LY/YL/ES , overnight stays KO14 (SPFF102)+KO27
11.06.-17.06. Saaremaa-Island Base-QTH KO18, ESFF-203 with side-trips to the other squares (one night each square) ES0UG+CEPT
17.06.-18.06. Trip ES/YL/LY, one overnight stay KO15 (LYFF015)
18.06.-19.06. 6mtrs-IARU-Contest from KO23 as LY2AAM plus some 4mtrs and/or 2mtrs depending on time and manpower and if 6mtrs is dead (LYFF-002) also CEPT
19.06.-20.06. Overnight stay KO14 (LY)
20.06.-21.06. Overnight stay JO93 (SPFF-0618)
21.06.            Back home and preparing for HAM-Radio @ Friedrichshafen
We'll have one fixed station in KO18 for 2mtrs and at least one for SW, maybe two if the 2mtrs-operator has nothing to do.... 6mtrs+4mtrs+2nd 2mtrs-station will be travelling around the squares (at least one activation each for KO07/KO08/KO17) on the island therefor we'll post where we are at ON4KST-chat and in the cluster-network. Pse do not expect 24h operation, sometimes we're doing sightseeing and we're taking a nap too. It's ham-radio-holiday.
No skeds only random. Frequencies TBA on arrival. If you hear us on tropo or ES when we're cqing JT6M do not hesitate to call us in SSB or CW. We tx 1st and we'll try to be qrv into almost all directions.
If our 4mtrs-qrg does not meet your local allocation please give us a notice, we'll try to qsy or work split. In such cases send SMS to +491357599 if you can't reach us in any other way. 
On Saaremaa there’re also some WFF-areas and we’ll try to activate one or another too if time allows, these short time activities will be announced in the cluster-network when we're qrv. 
We’ll post any news here on . During the expedition we hope to be qrv in the cluster network and on
73s de Uwe DL3BQA/ES0UG/LY2AAM

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