Sunday, 17 April 2016

Expedition schedule 1st release

Time schedule Expedition ES-034 Saaremaa-Isl. KO07/08/17/18 plus KO23 June 2016

09.06.-11.06. Trip DL/SP/LY/YL/ES , overnight stays KO14+KO28
11.06.-17.06. Saaremaa-Island Base-QTH KO18, ESFF-203 with side-trips to the other squares (one night each square) ES0UG+CEPT
17.06.-18.06. Trip ES/YL/LY, one overnight stay KO15
18.06.-19.06. 6mtrs-IARU-Contest from KO23 as LY2AAM+CEPT plus some 4mtrs and/or 2mtrs depending on time and manpower and if 6mtrs is dead.
19.06.-20.06. Overnight stay KO14
20.06.-21.06. Overnight stay JO93
21.06.            Back home and preparing for HAM-Radio @ Friedrichshafen

On the way to ES0 and back we’ll try to activate some WFF-areas during the overnight stays like SPFF-102 and 0618 and LYFF-002 and 015. On Saaremaa there’re also some WFF-areas and we’ll try to active one or another too if time allows.

We’ll post any news here on . During the expedition we hope to be qrv in the cluster network and on

73s de Uwe DL3BQA/ES0UG/LY2AAM

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