Thursday, 12 January 2017

LY2AAM-QSLs sent out


today all QSLs for LY2AAM (June 2016) have been sent  out via the bureau. It's not necessary to send a QSL to me. If you can't receive QSLs via the bureau you still can send one direct.

73s de Uwe 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

ES0UG QSLs sent out


all QSLs for ES0UG are sent out via the bureau. LY2AAM-QSLs will follow until the end of this month. Just to remember, pse do not send a card via the bureau anymore. If you can't receive a card via the bureau, there're still a few QSLs left to answer direct requests for both calls.

73s de Uwe DL3BQA

Sunday, 23 October 2016

QSLs and labels printed


today I put the first labels on all the QSLs which I received direct. These will be send out this week. All other cards will be labeled as time allows and send out via the bureau. So, if you have not done it by now, please do not send a card.
Tnx to DL5CW for designing the QSLs and printing the labels.

73s de Uwe, DL3BQA

Monday, 11 July 2016

IARU-6m-Contest 2016 LY2AAM won the MO-class!


results are here, we're very pleased with our 1st place, as we started with nearly 4h delay. Thanks to all QSO-partners and our supporters and friends in LY, namely LY2BAW, LY2K, LY2NO, LY2SA,LY3SL and LY5O. LY2AAM was operated by DG1BHA,DH5FS,DL3BQA and DL5CW.
KO23EX was a very nice and quiet QTH for VHF-operations, we hope to come back for another time. Ham-spirit is alive in Lithuania, so it's real fun to be there.

73s on behalf of the LY2AAM-crew de Uwe DL3BQA

Monday, 27 June 2016

Last day

Monday, 20th of June:
Last day, rainy day. Our last stop was at the "Oberländer Kanal" , last year I found there a campsite which was free of charge. This year it took some money to stay with cold water and portable toilets, but anyway we stood there for one night in LYFF-0618 and made some QSOs as SP4/DG1BHA too. Activating WFF-areas is not that easy, without cluster-spots the number of callers is even low. Well guys, is it too difficult to check the band? As we'd no GSM there in JO93TX deep in the wood we could not help ourselves...
After nearly 3500 kmtrs we came back to JO73CF with new experiences, a lot of QSOs and we'd 13 days of ham-radio-holidays plus sightseeing.Thanks to all supporters and callers.
What else:
-sending the log for the IARU-6m-Contest
-typing all the MS-QSOs in the Computer
-checking all the logs
-printing the QSLs and the labels
-answering the QSLs

So stay tuned, after the HAM-RADIO @ Friedrichshafen I hope to present a few more statistics. Meet you there! 73s de Uwe

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

LY2AAM 6m-contest/4m-activity+WFF LYFF-002 KO23EX

Sorry that I could not do it before, but now I try to let you know some other details concerning our expedition.
We left Saaremaa and went to Kurtuvenanai at Friday. Cause it was quite late and stormy we decided not to erect any antennas to activate LYFF-015. At Saturday we met LY2BAW and had a nice lunch with him. Tnx for the beer and the high-percentage mead.Tadas told us that a violent storm was crossing southern Lithuania the night before. We saw many broken trees and some areas had no electricity for a long time. The lunch took some time and we went to KO23 in the afternoon. Our local guides where not available because of the storm we'd to find our QTH in KO23EX ourselves. That took a little time, but we found a very nice QTH with a good take-off to all directions. It was hot and building up the antennas and prepairing the QTH was hard work. My PA had some trouble with the generator, but finally we did it. The IARU-6m-Contest started at 14UT but we could not join before 18UT. So we lost the 1st opening but made more than 700 QSOs in the remaining 20 hours.
I hope that the score will last for a good result. On Sunday DL5CW made an LYFF-002 activation and DG1BHA activated LY2AAM also on 4mtrs. After 24 hours in the wilderness we went to the Druskiniankai campsite. Wow-after a long shower life came back!

73s de Uwe

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

KO07XX and leaving EU-034


well the WX became a bit better  at the 16th of June for a few hours. Due the lack of time we'd to decide not to go to KO17, cause there're also a few residents in YL and maybe also in ES (???). So we went to the rarer #  with 2 cars an 3 OPs for 3 bands.

We'll, only a short E-sporadic opening on 6m with around 30 QSO plus 23 JT6M-QSOs. On 4mtrs less than 20 JT6M-QSOs, but on 2mtrs was a big demand in MS and after the sucessfull EME-tests from KO18 DH5FS made some EME-QSOs from KO07 too. So we left this nice (but windy) QTH with a very fine take-off in the evening twilight. On the way back home I'd to break hard to avoid a collosion with an adult elk. That's adrenalin as it's best...
Sorry again for KO17, but as the Stones sang "You can't always get what you want" - don't be afraid, there'll be another chance.
So we left Saaremaa with some very nice impressions (Yes we also made some sightseeing!) and more than 100 Qs on 2, a few dozens on 4 and more than 500 on 6, plus around 700 on SW using ES0UG plus 1300 QSOs with ES0/DL5CW. A complete statistic will be posted when all logs are checked, the MS-QSOs are typed into the computer.

73s de Uwe